Friday, December 30, 2011


One more day before we say hello to 2012..
How time flies..
By the way, 2011 is the most hectic year for me..
Lots of dramas..
Lots of crying..
Lots of pain..
I found serenity as well..
Feel relieve..
And feel loved..
Whatever happened, I've been blessed..
And I'm thankful for whatever that was being tested upon me..
Cause it make me stronger..
Make me feel, "hey, there's nothing i can't handle"

Well, let's close the book of sorrow..

And 2012 will see the new Me..!
Even now, I'm the new Me..
But let's make it official by 1st January 2012..

Both my children are growing up..
Haikal will be going to skool next year.. (how fast!)
Humaira will be 2 next year.. (super fast!)
I hope they know that I love them so much..
And whatever happens has got nothing to do with them..
And that they will always be the love of my life..

Well guys, how's your preparation for new year?
New resolution perhaps?
Or bringing forward this year's resolution to next year?

Have a happy holiday..!
Have a happy New Year..!
See you guys next year..!!

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